Wednesday, September 22, 2010

safe use of Cortisol

"Cortisol has been a God-send for myself and also my son. I have had an underactive thyroid for years and was treated with a synthetic thyroid medication. However, I rarely felt well, even on the synthetic thyroid drug. Upon consulting with and being treated by Dr. Huang, she discovered I not only had an underactive thyroid (for which she is treating me with a natural thyroid medication, and I feel much better on it); but she also diagosed me with adrenal fatigue. I began feeling better almost immediately once Dr. Huang began treating me with cortisol for this adrenal fatigue. I regained the energy I hadn't had for years, began exercising again (prior to cortisol treatment, I couldn't even think of organizing my home or exercising), and even found the energy to put myself on a healthy eating plan, with Dr. Huang's help. After six months, I am now the person I once was years ago. My son was also diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and treated with cortisol. He was not able to attend his field trips and field days two years in a row due to an ever-decreasing energy level, among other health issues related to adrenal fatigue. He was finally able to attend those school functions after being on cortisol for only a week. Cortisol has proven to be the missing link in most of our health issues, if not all. I am very grateful for this course of treatment and do not know where my son or I would have been without it. Thank you." Karen M.

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