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Holistic treatments of suboptomal thyroid function

Aug.14, 2009

How are you all enjoying the summer?

I received many enthusiastic responses and got some new patients as a result of my June newsletter - Thyroid Hormone – The Difference Between Normal And Optimal, And Which Hormone To Test And Treat. This tells me that many people have this problem and they are either undiagnosed or not properly treated, so I would like to add a few details about the treatments that most patients requested.

After completing tests that demonstrate the patient has suboptimal thyroid function, we need to do some ground work before we start thyroid hormone replacement therapy.

As with all holistic programs treating any health conditions, we have to start with nutrition and life style changes. On top of eating healthy, it’s crucial that we stop using table salt and instead, start consuming sea salts, like Celtic sea salt, RealSalt from or Himalayan salt (no financial interests in any).

The regular table salt has mainly sodium chloride with Magnesium carbonate added to make it move more freely. The added iodide in the table salt is not enough and not the right form of iodine for optimal thyroid function and health. It gives the table salt its notorious reputation like causing hypertension because it does not have the same balanced minerals as the real sea salt. The real sea salt has many minerals such as iodine,potassium and others that our bodies need to achieve a balanced state. The real salt is not bad; on the contrary, it is necessary for our bodies if consumed in proper amounts.

The second is to add iodine to our diet. Since most Americans do not eat seaweed or kelp on a regular basis, the easiest way is to take iodine as a supplement. I also discovered that if we only gave iodide (the salt form of iodine, used by many health practitioner), patients improved slightly. Patients really feel better when they use iodine and iodide in right combination as supplements.

Iodine is not for the thyroid only. There are many other body tissues that need iodine, especially breast tissues. One of the reasons women suffer from the cystic breast disease is iodine deficiency, and I have successfully reversed this condition for many women. This has probably saved them not just pain or discomfort, but the need for aspiration exam when the nature of the cyst is in question. Having more breast tissues may be the reason (why) women suffer more frequently from low thyroid function than men because they need more iodine for their breast tissues. Our ovaries, uterus, prostate, brain, and—for that matter—probably every cell of our body needs iodine for health.

For people with a mild suboptimal thyroid, proper use of iodine and iodide can improve its function. Some may benefit from adding other natural thyroid supplements, but not everyone needs thyroid hormone replacement.

Even for people who have severe hypothyroidism, I would still supplement thyroid hormones with iodine for them. For whose who have low iodine, hypothyroidism maybe a natural protective mechanism that slows down their metabolism in order to conserve iodine. Giving thyroid hormones to keep the body functioning at full speed without replacing iodine may further rob the needed iodine from other parts of our body.

Mild hypothyroidism can be treated with bioidentical thyroid cream made from wild yam with a customized T4/T3 ratio. More severe conditions may need to take thyroid hormone replacements orally for better and faster results.

Iodine and iodide supplements have their side effects. Sudden large doses have been reported to have further lowered the thyroid function of borderline patients in rare occasions. Large doses can cause toxicities. The initial loading dose should be reduced once the body is saturated; therefore, the safe use of the Iodine should be under the strict guidance of experienced physicians.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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